Ecig Buying Guide

Can You Go Wrong In Buying E Cigarettes?

While there is no doubt that electronic cigarettes are the in-thing these days, there are some people who believe that there’s something that could go wrong when you buy them. It has a lot to do with the perception that e cigarettes are not bad for your health.

Because they do not contain any tar, some cigarette smokers believe they will be less at risk to lung cancer once they make that switch to electronic cigarettes. Health experts, however, are wont to say that there is no way of knowing if electronic cigarettes are actually less dangerous. For one thing, nobody has yet made a full-blown study on how smoking liquid nicotine can affect your health.

Electronic cigarettes are basically composed of three parts: battery, vaporizer, and cartridge containing the nicotine and flavor. The battery is what causes the vaporizer to run and turn the liquid inside the cartridge into vapor that you can smoke. Up until today, marketers of electronic cigarettes are touting this product a risk-free alternative to cigarette smoking, but nobody really know if they truly are. For one thing, manufacturers are not disclosing what really goes into the cartridges aside from the nicotine.

Also, cartridges actually come in different nicotine strengths – light, medium and strong. It’s obvious that when you smoke nicotine in a stronger dose, you are actually putting your health at a greater risk.

Thus, if you’re asking if there’s anything that could go wrong with smoking electronic cigarettes, yes, there is, especially when you smoke nicotine in a stronger dose. Other than that, however, if you only smoke a lighter dose of nicotine, it is possible to enjoy smoking without the usual risks associated with cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes can be bought from anywhere in the world as many websites that sell them also ship worldwide. Take note, however, as not all e-cigs are created alike and they differ according to their price. Starter packs that are priced cheaply from between $10 to $20 are actually disposable and are useless after two days. Starter packs that are priced $30 to $40 are generally thought to be worthless by smokers. Those in the $60 to $70 range are perceived just right and are generally good. Those that are over $100 are said to be too expensive. But of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. In fact, we prefer that you go out and buy several packs and check which ones you will be smoking from now on.

The good thing about electronic cigarettes is that once you’ve bought the starter pack, the price for your smokes goes down after that because you will only need to buy cartridges. And so it goes, where before you needed to spend $200 every month, it is possible to significantly your costs and spend just $60 to $70. As with anything else, if you really want to get the price, make sure to do some comparison shopping with at least three online stores.